Fanboy Power Hour Presents: An X-ploration of the X-Men!

And there came a day unlike any other, when four young heroes banded together. Their mission, to explore comic series and storylines no one pop culture junkie could discuss alone. On that day was formed THE FANBOY POWER HOUR!

In this very special episode of The Fanboy Power Hour our merry mutants take on one of Marvel Comics' most enduring franchises, the Uncanny X-Men! From their origins in the turbulent '60s to their contemporary incarnations both in print and on screen, our team goes in depth and great detail for the necomer's education and the longtime fan's appreciation. So grab your ruby quartz visor, sharpen those adamantium claws and get ready for the fastball special of fun that is FBPH's An X-ploration of the X-Men!

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You can also download the episode directly from The Fanboy Power Hour!

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