Fanboy Power Hour Episode 52: The All-New 52!

And there came a day unlike any other, when three young heroes banded together. Their mission, to explore comic series and storylines no one pop culture junkie could discuss alone. On that day was formed THE FANBOY POWER HOUR!

A NEW ERA BEGINS! A new episode sees all-new changes to the hour! This time our intrepid heroes pick only 3-4 comics to discuss this week, and make some time to discuss some films they've seen, and the new status quo to be found in the pages of Spider-Man! All the fun of the previous Hour, but with a few new surprise, this one's a great jumping-on point, so if you haven't tried THE FANBOY POWER HOUR, here's your chance!

This week's picks include:

From Cody: Invincible, Supreme, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret History of the Foot Clan.

From Stacy: Thor: God of Thunder, Mars Attacks Popeye, Star Wars.

From Ryan: Thunderbolts, Superior Spider-Man, and Star Wars.

Movies This Week: Django Unchained, V/H/S, and The Cabin In The Woods.

Where to find us:

On Facebook - Fanboy Power Facebook Page

On Twitter - @FanboyPowerHour Contact us at -

You can also download the episode directly from The Fanboy Power Hour!

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