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The Fanboy Power Hour

The Fanboy Power Hour! A weekly podcast dedicated to comics, movies, and popular culture. We're out to boost what we enjoy rather than take shots at what we don't. Sound good? Then join us!

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Jul 9, 2013

Space. . .the final frontier. . .these are the voyages of the Brothers D. . .their newfound mission, to discuss and explore the various STAR TREK series. . .to seek out classic episodes and beloved characters. . .to boldly go where one Fanboy has never been before!

ALL NEW SERIES! The sibling reviewers you've come to know and love on THE FANBOY POWER HOUR depart their normal four-color worlds to ascend to the stars in a series dedicated to one of science fiction's most enduring franchises, STAR TREK! A neophyte and an old hand, a newcomer and a longtime resident both explore this bold universe, and what better place to start than with the show that started it all! This week the boys explore season one of the original series. From first glimpses at classic tropes to a discussion of the franchise's most enduring villain, this one's got a lot of ground to cover and not much time to do it! So grab your tricorder and tuck in that red shirt, and prepare to hurtle through the cosmos in this inaugural episode of SET FACES TO STUNNED: A STAR TREK PODCAST!

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