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The Fanboy Power Hour

The Fanboy Power Hour! A weekly podcast dedicated to comics, movies, and popular culture. We're out to boost what we enjoy rather than take shots at what we don't. Sound good? Then join us!

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Apr 24, 2017

Space. . .the final frontier. . .these are the voyages of the Brothers D. . .their newfound mission, to discuss and explore the various STAR TREK series. . .to seek out classic episodes and beloved characters. . .to boldly go where one Fanboy has never been before!

A RETURN TO THE FINAL FRONTIER! Set Faces To Stunned returns to the Hour with an all-new episode! Stacy sits down with one of his favorite episodes of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, 'Regeneration', featuring the Borg! What worked? What didn't? And can he fight off his cold long enough to get to the end of the episode? So fire up your netflix, get your popcorn ready and sit down with a fellow fan as he discusses the episode in-depth in this all-new episode!

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